It’s day one. Your new salesperson is raring to go, and you are keen for them to get on the phones and start bringing in dollars for your station. The next thing you need, then, is a position description for them, with clear performance goals. You can download a sample one here.

The most important things in a position description are keeping expectations realistic, and building in accountability. In an environment of accountability and support you will find people thrive, and without it they will really struggle.

Clear goals. Sales doubled.

In my first radio station I went from telling my sales people to go out and make as many sales as possible to setting firm weekly and monthly targets. Once we started setting that regular target, we found that the sales people doubled their performance almost immediately.

We then did a bit of an analysis on what the potential is for a salesperson to make revenue-producing face-to-face appointments, and found that most sales people can make between eight and twelve of these appointments per week. It might take a hundred phone calls to get those eight to twelve meetings, or, if they’re a bit more established, they might find that they can make twelve phone calls and get twelve face-to-face appointments.

Prepared in advance.

We expect that our sales people will make 70% of the following weeks appointments before close of business on Friday. This allows them to plan their week with better clarity, know when they will be in the office for more calls, and when they’ll be out having appointments.

Similarly, our goal with targets for sponsorship is to start each month with at least 90% of the target reached, and forward sales for the next six to twelve months to be typically around 50% of the target. Achieving this goal not only helps your salesperson to be under less pressure, but it has a positive flow-on effect for other areas of your station.

As with most things in life and in business, the clearer your map is the more successful your journey will be. Use this time now to think about realistic targets for your salesperson and for your station, and release them to thrive.

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