One of the best things you can do to help get your new salesperson started is give them a phone script, and have them work through a call list in the office for the first 14 days. I highly recommend this, especially if their sales experience is limited.

There are a few benefits to this. Not only are you there to coach them and provide feedback as needed, it helps them get used to approaching people. Plus, a script equips them with the right words and phrases to use that will help them get results. After two weeks of working through their script they’ll be much better prepared for face-to-face meetings.

I’ve found personally that the growth in the sales is much faster if I can think of the first 14 days as sales training. It doesn’t matter at this stage whether they mess up a phone conversation, because they’re not at the stage of making (or losing) the sale, so the office is a more relaxed training ground. Having the person in the office with you also has the benefits of being able to keep an eye on how they’re going, make sure they’re being cared for and that they really know what they’re talking about before they head out into the world.

I have gone through this process on a number of occasions, and always found it successful. One salesperson in particular ended up making seven sales in their first week after training, which is a fantastic result.

Once you’ve gone through this training process, the next thing is to get them making their first sales as quickly as possible. We have found there is a direct link between the speed with which a sales person is able to make their first sales and the likelihood of them being in the job in 3 months and even 12 months’ time.

To help you with this earlier in this series we talked about the first package that you could use to get started making sales fast.

In our next update we will provide a Phone Sales Script for the club package and talk you through the thinking behind each part.