In a previous article in the Getting Started With Radio Sales Series, we talked about the elements of a great telephone sales script.

Today as a follow on we’re going to talk through how to get a list of phone numbers and about some of the responsibilities you have as a business doing outbound phone sales.

Getting your first list

If you don’t yet have a list of people that you want to contact, one way that you could go about it is to outsource “screen scraping” to a freelancer through a place like Upwork or Freelancer. If you provide them a link to a website such as they can go through and copy each of those business names, contact names, email addresses and phone numbers, and put that entire list into an Excel spreadsheet. You can then go through the process of uploading those numbers into the Do Not Call Register and getting a clean list back in return. If you are not sure how to upload your list to the Do Not Call Register then keep reading…


The Do Not Call Register

The ACCC has very specific rules about who you can and cannot call, and how you have to interact with them.


If you are calling a cold list, such as calling out of the phone book, you’ll need to run those phone numbers through the Do Not Call Register number washing database before you make your first call. If you don’t and you accidentally call someone on the Do Not Call Register you could be in for hefty fines, the last fine I heard of was $21,000.


To do this, you will need to:


1.) Create an account with the Do Not Call Register

2.) Use the above screen scraping method or something similar to get yourself a list of phone numbers in a comma separated values spreadsheet (CSV) file format.

3.) You will need to make sure the filename is all one word without spaces. For example the file name “builders and joiners” would be rejected so change it to “buildersandjoiners”.

4.) Make a copy of the list where all information other than phone numbers is deleted. It must be just 1 column of information in the spreadsheet, the phone numbers.

5.) Then you can upload those numbers into the Do Not Call Register.

7.) Re-join the rest of the data such as Business Name, Contact, Email with the newly washed list using a tool like Microsoft ACCESS. You can join the phone numbers of the washed list and the pre-washed list connecting the data back together again ready to export and use.

You can get 500 numbers washed for free, but after that you’ll have to pay $113 for the first 20,000 records.


(N.B. I am planning to make a video tutorial to walk you through the steps above which I will release once complete).

Make sure you clean your list just before you use it and call all numbers within 30 days. If a business in your list registered on the Do Not Call Register tomorrow you would only legally be able to call them for 30 days from the time they register. This means that if you were to wait 31 days to start using your list you are very likely to make an illegal call.

This may all sound scary but it’s really not that big a deal and only takes about 15 minutes to clean your list. If you follow this procedure it should keep you out of trouble.


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