Once you have a signed contract the next thing you are going to want to do is to get the script details, so you can have the spot written. You’ll need to have a script brief template ready to take down the details for the script.

So what questions should you ask in your script brief?

You are going to want to ask for contact details for approving the script and production and general details to be included in the script. After that there are 3 topics you want to cover to make sure the script writer has what they need to create a great script.

What is their Unique Selling Proposition?

You should ask questions like “What’s the unique selling proposition (USP)” I prefer to say unique selling point rather than proposition as it is easier for clients who have never heard of USP before to understand, but it’s worth noting that the correct use of the acronym USP is unique selling proposition. The USP is what makes them stand out compared to all the other businesses in their industry? What makes them different?

Often, they will say service, but every business says services so it’s a nonstarter. You will need to encourage them to think harder or perhaps you could help them see what sets them apart. This is a good opportunity to encourage the business owner and help them to take pride in what they have created.

What is Mandatory?

What absolutely has to be in the script? If you don’t ask this question you will find that when you submit the script for approval you are going to have to redo it to add something they forgot to mention such as the exact way they describe their location, or perhaps they have a licence number that they are required to mention as part of their spot.

How are listeners going to act?

The final but most important question is ‘how are people going to take action’? Do we want to tell them to use a phone number, a website, address, ask them to Google a key word or phrase, or find us on Facebook? Whatever it is you should make sure it is specified in the brief.

Personally, I prefer not to provide phone numbers as listeners are rarely in a position to write it down when it’s given. The exception to this would be when the phone number is very easy to remember. I would also rarely mention Facebook as their ability to search and find you there is not as good as a Google search.

Once you’ve got all these details you’re ready to send the script off to your script writer.

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