This is a hack to increase the number of “Likes” your Facebook page has.

Can you believe it? There is a little-known way to grow the number of “Likes” on your Facebook page and it’s as simple as clicking Invite.

First of all, you’re probably aware you can click to see a detailed list of people who like a post on your page. But did you know on business pages, you can also see those who already like your page, and those who haven’t? Oh yeah!

So, the easiest way to grow the number of Likes you have is to look out for people who haven’t liked your page yet. Then, click on the “Invite” button next to their name. Make sure you invite everyone who doesn’t like your page yet. It’s a great way to grow your page likes. How easy is that?

NB: For those who are privacy conscious, the invite comes from your personal Facebook account. (Not from the page itself.) So unless you want all your fans engaging with your personal profile as well, you might consider creating an additional profile for this purpose.